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My Custom Lego House

Hello, Lego fan. Welcome to my most recent MOC, The Custom Lego House. Today I will give you a tour of this house and everything with it.

The property:

In any area, it is suitable to own a piece of elevated land to keep the water from puddling up too much on it. This is why, in this Custom House, that the house and other components are elevated on the platform. I am also not too familiar with building LEGO trees, hence the lonely tree to the right. If any of you have input on how to build a well-designed tree, feel free to leave a comment.

The Garage:

Since all the work tools and related items are in the workshop, there really isn't much to explain about this region of the house. But I can say that the color scheme is inspired by taking a glimpse at a few familiar garages around here.

The Game Room:

I am only familiar with a pool table's presence in a house's game room, so there is only that feature in my MOC's game room. To the bottom left of the picture, where there is that little brown strip, is the pool stick rack (correct me if the name is wrong). Next to it are two stools for family members to sit and watch the game. Obviously, in the middle is the table itself, and an entertainment TV is on the wall to the right.

The Kitchen:

The kitchen color scheme is also inspred from outside sources, mainly the Walton's kitchen in the TV show, The Waltons. However, the layout of the kitchen is inspired by my aunt's kitchen.

The Living Room:

This is the only part of the house that is a close replica of my house. There is a desk in the top right corner, a TV next to that, a wood stove to the right, a bookshelf against the window along with the coat rack, and two sofas in the middle.

My Room:

If I could have a custom room of any sort, it would be plastered all over with LEGO, as you see in the pic. The floor is patterned after the LEGO logo (it is a little inaccurate for lack of space). My lego workspace sits to the top left, a piano (keyboard) to its right, and the lego display shelf by the door. And of course, my bed and dresser are at the bottom.

My Sister's Room:

My sister is extremely big on making jewelry, so I designed her room with a desk and two jewelry racks to hang her jewelry on. And again, same as my custom room, her bed and dresser are at the bottom.

The Pantry:

Skipping across the hall, adjacent to the kitchen, is a walk-in pantry. This pantry has room for every sort of commodity and ingredient for my mom's cooking. Just a little side note, I added a little kitten in the pantry.

(I will not explain the last bedroom or the restroom. They are rather simple for your observation.)

The Tractor:

My grandfather gave my dad a Kubota tractor, which is what this LEGO tractor is modeled after. I could not, however, make it orange due to the fact that the fenders I used did not come in the orange color.

The Garden:

The garden was very simple to build for me, knowing how each plant I intended to make was designed. From left to right, there are Okra plants, a squash plant and carrots in the second row, cucumber vines on the third, and tomato plants on the fourth. The garden is fenced in to keep the critters out.

Dad's Workshop:

Last, but not least, I present Dad's workshop. He always tells me how he wished he had a bigger shop to work in, so in accordance with his wish, I designed this workshop.

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I hope you enjoyed the tour of this MOC. To see more MOCs like this, click the name to the right. I will give you a heads up though because most of my other MOCs are expired, but you can still check them out for your enjoyment.

Thank you for visiting, and Happy Building


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