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Introducing iPhone XR


Meet the brand new Lego iPhone XR.

This is the future technology of lego. 


Single tilebrick camera lens.

It doesn't work. it's just a decoration of this phone. Isn't it beautiful?

L12 bildable chip / Quadbrick processer.

The most powerful 2x4bricks will hold other bricks together to make this phone unbreakable. 

Trust me, it will be strong enough. Maybe. 

The most colorful LDD display ever.

With LDD(lego digital designer)display, lego iPhone XR can create all colors that you can imagne. Or even more. All you have to do is just simply buy another color of tile bricks. It's up to you, not me.

Lego face ID

It recognizes your face very well. Oh, I almost forgot to tell you this. If you are not a legohuman, it won't work. Come on, don't be sad, it's just a legomodel. Did you expect for something?

100% waterproof

You don't beileve this? Well, try it. 


*This model contains 125bricks












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