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The Old Gas Station

Somewhere in the desert of Texas is the small old and vintage gas station, which is still operated and maintained by the three workers. In the midday sun, two bikers pass by and take a break. One biker is looking for a delicious ice cream while the other biker is looking after his bike, which one of the workers is repairing. In addition, the gas station has a small workshop, in which no tool is missing. Many plants grow behind the gas station and on the side is a water tower, which supplies the gas station with fresh water. In addition, next to it lies many garbage, because it has not been removed by the workers for a long time. When you move around the gas station you have to be careful of the spines of the cacti and the dangerous animals of the desert.

I built the gas station because I find today's gas stations are a bit boring. When I think of an old gas station, I think of a gas station in the desert and with bikers who take a short break. Most of the Lego gas stations have a new and up-to-date design, which is a pity, so I would be happy if the old gas station becomes a real lego ideas set.

The old gas station consists of 2701 parts with 5 minifigures and two bikes. A lot of time has gone into the model why I would be very happy about a support. Don't forget to share it with your friends and feel free to check out my other creations (new creations coming soon).  

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