Product Idea

The Safe from 'The Room' (videogame)

Build Update!


This LEGO Ideas set based on the metal safe from the videogame ‘The Room’ now features a creepy alternative build to place within the safe😱!
As well as the ornate wooden box, this set now includes a brick-built tentacle creature, the physical manifestation of the mysterious power of the ‘Null’🐙.

You can help make this set into reality by supporting it on LEGO Ideas right here😉!

WOW! Over 500 supporters in under a week!


I've been blown away by the amount of support and encouragement my Ideas set based on the safe from 'The Room' has found on here, thank you all very much😁!

A BIG thanks also to PocketGamer & TouchArcade, two prestigious mobile gaming websites which both published an awesome write up about my Ideas set, they certainly helped with getting some more visibility! You can read what they had to say by clicking on the linked text.

There's still a way to go yet, but I've got some cool things planned which I'll be rolling out over the next few months.

And if you haven't voted for this set yet then please do and share it as far and wide as you can! Remember, every vote counts and if we reach the dizzy heights of 10,000 then LEGO will consider making it into an official set🤩!