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The Safe from 'The Room'


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This Lego Ideas set features the iconic metal safe from ‘The Room’, a BAFTA winning puzzle game series enjoyed by millions of players all over the world.

The Room is a very tactile game with buttons to push and hidden panels to open so I’ve always thought it would be amazing to have a tangible piece of the game which you could hold in your hands. Building with Lego bricks scratches a similar itch in my brain to solving puzzles and as one of the developers of The Room and a keen Lego fan I thought I’d try to recreate the iconic safe using Lego bricks. 

It was fun building all the little details, from the jewellery box and books on top of the safe to the printed floorboards and cardboard boxes on the base which really help convey the dusty attic setting. I re-designed the decorative stickers in a bolder style than their in-game counterparts to suit the chunkier Lego aesthetic.
The door to the safe can be opened using an intricate hinge mechanism to reveal the interior, which can contain either the ornate wooden box or you could decide to showcase this creepy alternative build based on the physical manifestation of the mysterious power of the ‘Null’.

Of course it wouldn’t be a Lego set without a minifigure, so this set comes with the mysterious guide from the game known only by the initials A.S. Naturally he comes with a range of suitably Victorian accessories to help him explore the mysterious safe and discover its compelling contents.

In keeping with the recurring themes in The Room games regarding hidden switches and concealed hatches, I really wanted to include some kind of hidden area and found space for a secret compartment at the back of the safe; the perfect place to hide a key or simply to store those minifigure accessories! At approximately W13cm x D13cm x H11cm in size this set has a piece count of approximately 350 pieces. 

I hope you enjoyed reading my story and looking at the images enough to support my first Lego Ideas set, please share any thoughts and suggestions in the comments below, I’d love to read them!

Lego CustardKid (aka Schembrulee)

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