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Futuristic Vehicles


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Gone are the days of the wheel! This is the future, where vehicles can hover and fly, such as this car and motorcycle pair. These two innovations of automotive technology are a Hover-Bike and a Flying Car. The Car features four propellers, a cockpit for one minifigure, a power cell, and retractable landing gear. The Hover-Bike sports four anti-grav disks, adjustable flaps and wings, and a seat for one minifigure. A landing pad for the Flying car is included as well as some tools.

Lego has made many sets featuring futuristic vehicles, but they’re often tied-in with a theme, like with secret agents or in space fighting aliens. This idea, however, proposes just normal vehicles for every-day use in a futuristic city. Like what would normally be found in Lego City sets, but technologically advanced.


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