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Antarctic Fire Truck

Temperatures dropped, the poles are thawing, millionaires who do not believe in global warming instead of being alarmed discovered fuel fields in Antarctica and built tanks and refineries that are making the situation worse.
In their eagerness to extract fuel, they decided not to install the fire protection system because they believed that with all the ice that was in that place, nothing would ever catch fire. Unfortunately one night the temperature dropped so much that one of the tanks broke because it was not designed to withstand that gas pressure at that temperature.
At that time, construction works for another nearby tank were underway, which caused a fire and the workers were injured by the explosion. No sprinkler, hydrant or cabinet was available in that refinery, the workers were not able to throw ice so high with their shovels, however, not so far from there is the Antarctic Fire Station.
The 4 firefighters on duty answered the emergency call, they went from being asleep to being inside the fire truck in less than 1 minute. The sirens turned on, the tracks drove the truck at full speed over the cold ice, everyone inside the truck prepared by putting on their equipment and reviewing the maps of the place, deciding in advance where they were going to park and the plan to quickly put out the fire and care for the wounded.
This is going to be the rookie corporal initiation, while the fire chief has been dealing with all kinds of emergencies for 30 years and still feels young. Daily exercise, good nutrition, concentration games and love for his job have kept him in shape.
They are accompanied by the lieutenant and the sergeant who have been accompanying the fire chief for some time, but are still not used to the cold.
They are not surprised that there is a fire, last week there was one in an Antarctic laboratory due to a hydrogen leak, fortunately no one was injured. The replacement of the laboratory will arrive in a week by plane, if the firefighters had not arrived on time the entire Antarctic base would have burned and its replacement would take 2 months.
But ordinary fires are not the only emergencies that these firefighters attend to, in the back of their snow cat type truck they carry rescue equipment, first aid equipment, repair and maintenance workshop, fire proximity suits and heavy cutting equipment for ice, metal and rocks.
In addition, in the entire half of the truck they carry 3 huge tanks of water with antifreeze which can be mixed with foam. The water is pumped through 3 pumps for 4 outlets, they don't trust luck. They have 2 outlets for hoses and two monitors on the top of the vehicle.
Over the vehicle there is a retractable ladder, two stretchers, 4 hoses in addition to the monitors that were already mentioned, one of them is remote control, has lights and thermal camera, the other one is manual and is accessed through a hatch above the co-pilot. Through their high and low gain antennas, they learn of the progress of the situation. These antennas fold to store the vehicle in the garage while not in use.
After all this introduction, do you already have a plan to deal with the emergency with all these firefighters?

The set includes:
  • 4 minifigures, firefighters
  • 1 vehicle, snow cat fire truck
  • Tools and equipment as shown
  • 523 bricks

Hope you enjoy it!

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