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Logic Cube


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The “Logic Cube” – an exciting 3-D puzzle for the whole family

As I like to solve tricky problms, I was always fascinated by the thrill of brain twisters.

When I created the “Logic Cube“, I had a threedimensional cube in mind, that is also
known as the „Soma Cube“, invented 1936 by Piet Hein during a lecture of Quantum
physics by Werner Heisenberg (Father of the un-certain principle).

The cube consists of 7 different parts, which can be assembled in 240 ways to form a
cube. And that’s not all! Various beautiful figures may be built using the 7 separate
parts, for example the bed, stairs, steamboat, tub, tunnel, sofa, wall, cross,
monument or diamond - there are no limits to the imagination.

In addition I created a holder for the “Logic Cube“, that can be used for placing the
cube during creative breaks.

Try this fascinating mind game and complete the several challenges now!
The cube may improve the power of concentration and memory and offers lots of fun
for the whole family or single players.

Thanks for supporting the „Logic Cube“.

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