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Jeep Grand Cherokee - Laredo 1993


Jeep Grand Cherokee - Laredo 1993

In 1993, the Grand Cherokee Laredo, a very well maintained model. When it comes to 4x4, it is the model that is one of the first in-class SUVs of the Jeep brand, Grand Cherokee. It proved itself and became a cult.

Very detailed Lego model original Jeep Grand Cherokee

-4 doors open and close function.

-Talboard open and close function.

-Hood Cover open and close function.

-Top Car roof open and close function. For you can see in detail.

-Dilated closes the hood. And interior details Engine, battery etc...

-Door handles, Interior details, Speakers in doors, Detailed steering wheel, Detailed front cockpit, Radio, air conditioning, glove box, rearview mirror, armrest, beverage storage area, gear shift knob, land gear, handbrake, indicators, original front grilles, brake and Gas pedals etc...

-1440 Part

-16+ Age

-Size is compatible with the Original Creator Collection series.

-Plate The stickers, the Front hood jeep logo and the rear 4x4 logo stickers ...




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