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4x4 RC Terrain Buggy

Hi all,

The goal was to build an all-terrain capable, all-wheel drive RC vehicle with the bricks that my kids already had at home. This caused little brick shortages and forced me to prepare mechanical modules myself.

In the beginning, I assumed that will not use open differentials because it immobilizes the vehicle when one wheel slips. To avoid the need to use ready-made parts such as cardano joints, I constructed my own steering solution using gears, which allows turning wheels and passing power to them. To fulfill the assumption of terrain capability, I used my old idea of dividing a car into two parts and connecting them together with an axle. This allows to twist vehicle leveling bumps and to pass torque to rear wheels, which gives something like tractor suspension. This is my old solution from the times I played LEGO myself (often struggling with "brick shortages"). The only parts I need to buy were RC equipment and additional gears.

First versions were much narrower, but after attaching the steering mechanism it appeared that the front is much wider than the back, so I doubled the rear wheels. Due to "compactness", brick shortages :) and improvisation I assembled this strange steering system with worm gears.

Below, trial rides of the buggy - Satin Desert, Rocky Wilderness and The Terrain :)

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