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Jay Garrick´s Rescue


New Lego Set!!!

This time is The Flash but not Barry Allen it is Jay Garrick…

The evil metahuman know as Geomancer (who has the ability to cause tremors) is attacking Central City and it’s up to Jay Garrick to stop him and save the civilians, but is he up to the task? Find out in my latest DC Comics set.

So, Hey I’m back with another Lego set and this one has me very exciting because it is my first set with a play feature and it is trapdoors and they in a similar way as the trapdoors in The Ghost of Lego Star Wars works well I am really excited and I hope you like ot.

Last but certainly not least for some reason Lego Digital Designer didn’t let me put the trapdoors in their respected frames so they are outside, and If the set got picked up Lego would need to change the color of the lightning to yellow, make a new piece for Jay´s helmet and change the skin to tones of the minfigs that’s pretty much it.

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