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The Indominus Rex


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                                                                    The Indominus rex

Henry Wu has brought the Indominus rex to life with the DNA of multiple dinosaurs.  I, on the other hand, have brought this Indominus rex to life with the use of multiple Lego bricks. My Indominus rex is made to be poseable, so that not only can it be displayed on your shelf, but it can also be played with.

Her head is on a ball joint, and her jaw can open and close. This allows you to have her bite down on a gyrosphere or an unlucky minifigure. Her shoulders, elbows, wrists, and fingers are all bendable, so that she can grab on to things. Her knees, ankles, and tail are also poseable, so she can be positioned for attack! The poseable function is what brings this feared dinosaur to life!

If you like this project, please support it. If we can get this project to 10,000 supporters, it will become a step closer to becoming an official Lego Ideas set, so that you too, can enjoy having this dinosaur in your home.

This idea includes: A buildable Indominus rex and two ACU minifigures.




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