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Welcome to the School of Architecture
The School of Architecture is an amazing model for celebrating the architecture and design field. My inspiration comes from the TV series "Architecture School" in 2008. It's a very interesting film that tells a unique story revolving around architecture students in school as well as how architecture and design to change people's life and environment. I'm also an architecture alumnus and I love my design so much on this model. 

In this model, I try to design this layout in a simple yet unique way. There are four main areas including the Studio (S), Lab (L), Kitchen pantry (K), and Electric scooter parking lot (E). In this layout, I have one entry to Studio 101, then see the model showcase and material storage areas on one side. On the other side are the learning, working, and presentation areas. The next room is the Lab put computers, an office printer, an architecture printer, and a laser cutting machine. The fun area in the layout is the kitchen pantry which has glass windows to look outside. In Particular, I build an Electric scooter parking lot and decorate some small plants like flowers. There are 10 Minifigures including 1 Professor, 1 General Assistant (GA) for Lab and 8 Architecture Students.

The most interesting area is the Studio where the students spend a lot of time studying and working on their models. Here, I want to put two amazing projects for the students working on. One is the LEGO House building project and the other is the LEGO Campus building. I try to scale down the sizes of these two super micro models to give them uniformity in proportions. Moreover, the second interesting thing is the model showcase area that displaces student architectural models. It shows very tiny architectural models there. 

What's your favorite part of this model?
My favorite part of this model is the details and function of each area. It gives us so amazing experiences about life in architecture school. You can explore how architecture students make presentations and work on their projects. 

Why do you believe this would make a great LEGO set?
I believe that this would make a great LEGO set in the future because:
  1. It's the gift I designed for my graduation in architecture and interior design in 2022.
  2. It's a meaningful and memorable gift for me to thank my professors in the Architecture Department (Tony .W, George .L, Amily .H, and Michelle .N). I learned a lot from them about experiences and skills in interior design and architecture. I will buy this model with 7 sets for my professors if it becomes a LEGO IDEAS set.
  3. It's a dream and motivational gift for future architecture students who will be more passionate about their major.
  4. It's a gift full of memories of years of hard work in architecture school (for architects, interior designers, landscape architects, civil engineers, construction managers, and other general designers in the architecture field) who had been students in architecture school.
  5. It's a big gift of life for all people of many ages to form an interesting illustration about life in architecture school and know some information about architecture in real life.

Overall dimensions of the model:
Height: 3 inches / 76.2 mm.
Width: 15.6 inches / 396.24 mm.
Depth: 11.3 inches / 287.02 mm.

I hope everyone likes it, and please feel free to leave comments or feedback! Thank you to all the supporters!

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