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Computed Tomography Scanner Medical Equipment


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Description of the created model:
On the radiology department of a hospital, several x-ray equipment is used for patient examinations.
The model shown here is a computed tomography scanner (CT).
A CT scanner is used to generate cross-sectional  based images (virtual slices) of the human body, being able to better find and view abnormalities.

Why creating this model:
I started to build this model, because I have been a CT service engineer for many years and always thought that this was, and still is, a great machine.

About this project:
The model shown here is based on a real CT scanner
  • It's build with Lego Technic and Lego Mindstorms parts on a scale of 1:6.
  • The patient table (couch) can really move up/down and also inward/outward.
  • The frame (gantry) can tilt forward/backward.
  • The frame rotor part can also really rotate like in a real CT.
  • Currently working on the programming of the EV3 controller, to simulate real CT examinations.
  • With some minor modifications, the EV3 controlled motors can be replaced by remote controlled motors and manual operating.

Why would you support it:
This model can show nice how a CT scanner works.
It's nice to build with all the mechanical functions and EV3 control.
Not only cranes, trucks, cars and so on, are great engineering, but also medical equipment.
I hope you like the concept and are willing to support it.
Thanks in advance.

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