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Computed Tomography Scanner Medical Equipment


The CT on which the Idea is build.

The update from 27-feb-2021 shows the building instructions from the CT.
During normal use in a hospital, the CT is ofcourse normally closed with covers.
The build is without covers showing the inner technics of the CT as normally seen during installation or maintenance.

Below some images of the real CT on which the build is based, with covers and without covers.


Buiding instructions finished

The building instructions were created with "Studio 2.0".
This takes a while to create the right sequence and view.
Below some images from the different parts and the total CT model.

Below the so called "ROTOR", which rotates around the patient during the scan. It contains
  • the X-ray Tube (on top) to produce x-rays (röntgen)
  • the High Voltage Generators (left and right), which generates a high voltage needed by the X-ray Tube
    to generate x-rays.
  • the Data Measuring System (at the bottom), which continuously measures the x-ray signal after leaving the patient. From this data the patient image is calculated (reconstructed) by a computer.

Below the "STATOR FRAME". The stationary part on which the "ROTOR" is mounted.

Below the "STATOR FRAME" with the "ROTOR" mounted.

Below the "TILT FRAME". The frame on which the "Stator Frame with Rotor" is mounted. 
This to be able to "Tilt" the "Stator Frame" forward or backward.
This allows to scan the patient under an angle, as needed for certain examination types.

Below the "Patient Table" (couch) on which the patient is positioned during the examination.

Below the complete CT systems.
In normal situation the CT is ofcourse closed with covers.
This shows the inner technical details of the CT.


EV3 programming finished.

The EV3 is already programmed for a while, but sofar did not yet issue the update.
It is now really simulating CT scans and showing CT images on the EV3 screen.
This in Service mode while using a so called "phantom" to check the CT.
As well as in normal use and showing "patient images"

The User Interface to select the right Scan protocol.

The result of the Surview Scan (also called pilot, scout, scanogram scan).

The result of the Axial Scan (Brain Images).

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