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Wright Brothers Tribute

Inspired by the Amelia Earhart tribute set and the fact that I live in the same area where the Wright Brothers are from, here is a tribute set to the two brothers who got aviation history off the ground - Orville and Wilbur Wright. This set features a small scale build of the famous Wright Flier and the two brothers as minifigures. The set has 175 pieces, is 7.6" wide, 5.0" deep, 2.2" high, weighs just over 5 ounces, and sits on a 16x24 baseplate. (The bicycle in the background is a nod to how Orville and Wilbur Wright started making bicycles before they made the airplane). This would be a great LEGO set because it would display well next to the Amelia Earhart set and would be a great display piece by itself. It would appeal to fans of aviation and history. It would also help to recognize these two famous brothers who worked hard to make their dream happen. Please vote for this set today and help it soar to 10,000 votes.

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