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Ultimate Batman Display

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The ultimate bat symbol! This LARGE scale makes for an awesome backdrop or display for any LEGO Super Heroes collection.

** I have updated with actual build pictures ** I was waiting for the base pieces to come in the mail.

This would be easy to add multiple minifigure ledges throughout the bat to display the multiple version of the Batman LEGO figures. The version I have built I actually do not have any ledges on it as you can see. They are easy to add and have them be symmetrical.

The overall design is symmetrical and sturdy, which will allow you to easily move it without it falling apart. or breaking. I can easily move this from shelf to shelf or room to room without any of it falling apart. The base logo fans out at the bottom in the back leaving the front flat. This was built using 1 x N bricks, but obviously you could do 2 x N if you wanted it to be even sturdier. the bottom base is made up of only one layer of plates and one layer of flat tiles. This gives it a sturdy base and it will not wobble around.

Put some minifigures at the base to show the scale of the build.

Here is an image where it can be modified to put a ledge on it, just like the way I do in my Superman version.

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