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Avatar: The Last Airbender - YIP YIP!


Legend of Korra is out on Netflix! A bonus mini-figure to celebrate! (not included in the set)

Just a fun side project to celebrate Legend of Korra's addition to Netflix! Thanks for 2,100 supporters!


2,000 SUPPORTERS!!! Uncle Iroh joins the set and much more!!!

2,000 whooo hoooo!!! Thank you everyone! With 2,000 supporters I am happy to add the wise and loveable Uncle Iroh to the project! I chose to design him in his Jasmine Dragon uniform because it's probably the outfit he prefers. Whether it be settled down with a cup of tea or a game of Pai Cho, Iroh's wisdom and kindness arguably makes up much of the heart of Avatar and a Lego set without him would arguably be empty.

When it comes to these updates my attitude is that everything I add is something I would ideally like to see from Lego, whether it be in one set or how I'd like an entire line from Lego too look like, but it's up to Lego what they want to do. That being said my main goal is to include every main character in this Lego set. My original plan was to release a new minifigure for every 1,000 supporters we reach, but I got a little side tracked. However from now on that's what I'll be doing....and you know what that means? I owe you guys a minifigure for when we had hit 1,000! Therefore I am happy to present Fire Nation Suki!

This appearance would make sense for Suki as an alternative to her Kyoshi uniform as it was her main outfit when she offically joined Team Avatar in season 3. I really like the look but let me know what you think in the comments! Lastly I want to give you a small Fire Nation themed teaser of what will be coming on the road to our next milestone of 5,000 supporters as I plan to complete my roster of minifigures by then. As you can see what is the point of bending if there is no one to battle?

Hopefully this inspires you to help us get to our next milestone as quick as possible by contiuning to share this project! I want to end by saying I really appreciate every single one of you and I am so grateful for your support. See you soon Team Avatar!


Sooo close to 2,000! Thank you!!

Hi Team Avatar! We are soon going to cross 2,000 and I have whipped up a little promotional picture to help us get there! I might post some of these from time to time which are perfect things to share on social media!

I can't thank all of you enough!


1,700 supporters!!! Aang's Glider variation!

Yip Yip Team Avatar! We just reached 1,700 votes! Thank you for all your support! 

I also wanted to share my build for Aang's glider with the classic season 1-2 look! It's really hard to choose which variation I like more. I am really proud of how both versions turned out and I think it's definitely a design Lego should stick with. Not only do they both capture the likness really well, they can be switched into and from their staff forms very easily and, most important, they aren't flimsy!

I am now very tempted to design an classic version of Aang to go with it, but definetly let me know in the comments how much you guys would prefer some early season versions of Gaang members in future updates. For now continue sharing to everyone and anyone you can! We are well on our way to 2,000 supporters. We can do this Team Avatar!




Flying Animation, Appa's new tail, and other small build updates

Hey Team Avatar! Thanks again for helping us get to 1,000 supporters! First of all I was able to create this stop motion gif to give you an idea of how the flying function will look! (forgive its roughness)

I am also coming to you with a few build improvements not limited to a way better tail for my boy Appa. I was slightly unsatisfied with the previous version so I redsigned it to be on par with the rest of the model and more accurate to the show.

I also made some veeeerry minor touch ups to the rest of the model including the stand. Good job if you spot them!


We are almost to 1300! Please keep sharing and expect more updates soon!


1,000 Supporters! Thank you!

Thank you so much everyone for 1,000 supporters! I am so grateful for your help in our journey to 10,000. Please continue sharing with anyone and everyone, whether it be a fan or family member, every vote counts! More updates will be coming very soon that will be sure to interest you so stay tuned!


Happy 100 supporters!! Suki has joined the Gaang!

Hey guys, thank you so much for 100 supporters in less than 2 days! We have a very long long way to go, so please share with as many people and fans as you can! I don't really have any social media set up so I could really use your help to get this project to any communities that might be interested. 1,000 is the next milestone, lets do this Team Avatar!

I am also very pleased to announce that the leader of the Kyoshi Warriors Suki has joined the project. Suki rounds out the complete Team Avatar as the final member to join the group at the end of season 3. Though it was difficult to decide which outfit I should go when designing her, I chose to depict her in her classic Kyoshi warrior uniform due to it being more visually appealing and recognizable to me.

It also was what she was wearing during this moving interaction she had with Appa in Season 2.

In the future I might add her in her Season 3 look just to keep it in continuity with the set but for now I am very pleased with how she turned out and I hope you are too. I will keep adding and updating minifigures as time goes on as well as provide more stuff for you all to enjoy, so stay tuned! Until then please support if you haven't and continue to spread the word. Thank you all!

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