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Avatar: The Last Airbender - YIP YIP!


9,000 supporters! We are in the home stretch!

Thank you everyone we only have 1,000 supporters to go! 90% complete! 9/10ths of the way there! 

I am still amazed that we are here so soon. As one of my final updates I am adding a character you have long awaited and who needs no's the great and powerful HAWKY

This is a thank you to every single supporter. Truly thank you so much. Now lets not delay any longer! 10,000 here we come!


okay...I have no words

Soooo guys one post on reddit and we are less than 1500 away from our goal.....THANK YOU!!

As you can see Friday completely demolished all of our previous supports per day, I am stunned completely and utterly. Thank you everyone so much who took time to support and share! With every supporter my dream is getting closer to reality. You all are so amazing! 


Now I pomised you something at 7500, sorry it took so long but I didn't really expect we'd surpass that goal so fast but here he is!

Now that all of my minifigs are complete lets focus on getting that 10,000. There might be a couple updates in store in the future but I don't want to make any promises. Thank you everyone! Imagine you are the cabbage and I am the merchant grateful for all 8,671 of you! Continue to share!


6,000 Supporters!! WOW!

We past 6,000! Thank you so much everyone! I have been very busy lately but so thank you those of you who have been sharing this project and getting us closer to our goal than ever! I am still working on the minifig alternative looks so please be patient with me. To hold you over, here is a meme template of Sokka that you might have fun with:



Thank you so much! Talk to you again soon!


5,000 SUPPORTERS! We are on our way to dominate the Earth!

Halfway there!! Thank you everyone for getting us so far! The final minifigure of the line-up is Princess Azula of the Fire Nation, one of the deadliest characters in the Avatar universe. Cold and calculating, Azula's fire burns blue with the power of a master firebender. She leads Mai and Ty Lee on a quest to capture the Avatar and cripple the other nations under will of the Fire Lord.

We have finally completed the 5,000 Fire-Nation line up! Thanks for sticking around for me to share them all to you!

But rest assured there is more content to come on our way to 10,000. The only difference is there will be less structure to the updates and a more broad variety of things, such as alternate minifigure designs and side builds. All the main figures I would want from LEGO have all been added to the project... that is to say all but one

Thank you every single one of you! You do not know how much your support means to me!


Promo Art Dump Featuring MELON LORD

Sorry this took very long guys but here are some promo pictures to help us get to 5,000 and beyond!!!


4,000 supporters! There is no fathoming the depths of my gratitude!!

THANK YOU! Yesterday we demolished 4,000 with the help of some amazing people, gaining the highest amount of supporters we have ever gotten in 1 day! With this joyous occasion, I ironically add to the set the one character that least embodies joy: MAI! 

This brooding non-bender is another challange for Team Avatar. Known for her skilled marksmanship and armed with her shuriken knives, Mai is a great threat to face. She has gone toe to toe with the most skilled fighters in the Avatar world and more than held her own. 

Mai joins Ty-lee as one of the antagonists to the heroes in this set, but fans will know we are still missing one vital part of the roster! Whooo could it beee??? spoilers... it's Hawky ;)

But really I want to take the time to give a big shout out to @megaclaw56 who has been tirelessly promoting this project and is largely responsible for the supporter boom we are having. Please go and check him out on reddit! Also thanks to @soundstorm who has been bumping up our project's popularity with his supportive comments. These guys are vital members of Team Avatar and I hope they inspire any of you to help spread the word and get this project to 10,000! Stay tuned for this weekend where I will be adding new promotional material for you all to enjoy and share!!

Finally this is a big hug from me to all of the you!



3,000 supporters!! This project's aura has never been pinker!

3,000 supporters reached and you know what that means! A new character has joined the set!

For one of the show's recurring antagonists, Ty Lee is one of the most cheerful and energetic characters that you'll see on the series. But don't let her bubbly persona fool you; Ty Lee is a skilled fighter, acrobat, and chi-blocker, making her a major challenge for the members of Team Avatar.

Ty-Lee is the third bonus character to be added in the set and is the first who would be in opposition to the heroes so far! By now, I 'm sure you can tell who will complete the roster come 5,000. So I hope you've supported and shared this project to everyone so that we can reach this major milestone quickly and I can bring the last two characters to you. Thank you everyone!!


2,900 supporters! High quality pictures can be found on my Flickr page!

Hey Team Avatar! We're so close to 3,000! The next fire-nation minifigure is on it's way! I have also uploaded high quality versions of the pictures on my flickr page for you to enjoy and share around. Check it out!


Thank so much everyone!


Video finished! Update pending approval

Hi guys! Wow, we blazed past 2,500 supporters and currently we are almost at 2,700! Thank you so much! I have submitted a full update to Lego Ideas and am awaiting approval. To hold you all over till then, here is a sneak peak at what's in store.

Please share so we can contiue to get those supports! Thanks so much everyone, Team Avatar is growing larger by the second!


Appa's build is finalized!

Hey guys! Thank you for 2,200 supporters! With this update I present my final version of Appa in this project, now shorter and with much better detailed legs. 

Finally I am at a point where I really believe this is the definitive Lego Appa out of all I have seen and I can't be more proud of how he turned out. I am now working on a full update on the project featuring the updated designs and more stuff that will hopfully be ready to go up by the time we hit 2,500 supporters, a quarter of the way to 10,000! So please continue to share and spread the word! Every vote counts! Thank you so much Team Avatar!

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