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Brum The Self-driving Automobile


From Brum (TV series), Brum the self-driving automobile!

Some of us grew up with basic colouring books, others grew up with a self-driven 1930s Austin 7 convertible that fought crime on a regular basis and kept it all secret from a mechanic who owned a motor museum. Tesla model X is definitely no match for this guy.

The model is built as accurate as possible, including everything from the hand crank tool to the tiny windscreen wipers. I originally planned on putting two stickers saying "BRUM" on the license plates (below the hand crank and spare tire), but since my photoshop skills are rusty and outdated, it will have to wait. The model is compact and sturdy, the interior consist of foldable front seats and a right-hand steering wheel followed up by a classic 30s dashboard. This set will easily become a noticeable and perfect addition to your LEGO collection.

Thank you for your attention.

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