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Star Hawk Mk. III


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The Unitron team set out to explore the universe. They were peaceful explorers, much like Futuron. They discovered new planets and developed experimental spacecraft. However, they were often challenged by villainous Spyrius agents, so they were forced to equip their ships with lasers and other weaponry. The Unitron team did make huge leaps in technology, and helped contribute to the minifigure’s understanding of the universe. In Unitron’s second year of exploration, their computer mainframe was hacked by Spyrius, stealing valuable information, and then proceeded with an attack on the entire Unitron fleet and all of their space stations with the largest armada of spaceships and mechs Spyrius could launch at them. The Space Police did eventually take down Spyrius, but after the attack, Unitron was never heard from again.

Twenty years later, a ship returns from the shadows of deep space. It's a familiar craft, but twenty years of modifications have changed it. It’s grey, blue, and black, and there are translucent blues and greens. Could it be that some Unitron ships escaped the attacks twenty years ago and fled into uncharted space for refuge? Yes! It is true! The Unitron Star Hawk Mk. III has guided the surviving Unitron team back to civilization! They can come home at last!


Unitron is one of the shortest lived series Lego has created, but has been immensely popular among fans. There were only four different sets made in the series during 1994 and 1995. Many fans of Unitron have wished to see more sets created, and I have come with an answer. The Star Hawk Mk. III's frame is built mainly out of SNOT techniques (Studs Not On Top) and has four main lasers for blasting away impending asteroids or any Spyrius agents still out there. There’s also a heavy laser cannon as well as a documentary camera that’s for recording important expeditions that can be deployed. This set also includes two Unitron minifigures and one portable laser cannon. And yes, in classic Unitron fashion, the cockpit pod does detach.


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