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Star Hawk Mk. III


I'm now on Flickr!

Hello there!


I recently got a Flickr account so I could put up some pictures there as well. I don’t have much on there right now, but I will do soon.

You can check it out here


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Social Media Things

Hello, fellow supporters!

I don't advertise it very much, but I do in fact have a Facebook page, and a newly-created Twitter page! 

I tend to post things about Lego models I've created, help someone else get the word out about their Ideas projects, or post some other cool stuff that pertains to Lego in some way.


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I found a problem and I fixed it.

Hello, fellow supporters!


I was building a physical model of my Star Hawk Mk. III when I encountered a problem: the cockpit window wouldn't open!


There were a few pieces in the way, preventing it from opening. I went back in LDD and made a few modifications, which actually make the Star Hawk look even better! I added those new spring-loaded missiles into the design as well.

4 Unitron Star Hawk Mk. III DEPLOYED.png

5 Unitron Star Hawk Mk. III DETATCHED.png

The missiles are visible in this photo, and the next one.

2 Unitron Star Hawk Mk. III REAR.png

1 Unitron Star Hawk Mk. III.png

I hope you like these updates!


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