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Jungle Fever / Concrete Justice


Conflict Lost

Unbelievable! this has gotten past disappointing and straight into insulting with that 0.46%! Why would anyone ever support something that was based on an IP that isn't allowed?! I worked on this for nothing! I don't know why you would want me to resubmit this as I know It'll be a Failure again!
Edit: Make it a 0.48%, but still far from a success.


Drought in the End

a dry streak as we approach the final five days? we can't give up now! there's not much time to gather 56 supporters and save this!


Final Mech!

ten days left, and only two new supporters. we're at a 0.44% over here and running out of time! only one to do here, one last Mech should do the trick.

Representing the industrial side, our purple Minifig takes flight in a fighter jet, forming the Helm and Wings of the Complete Industrial sided combiner.
Not only that, but it comes armed with a meaty Hammer using some of the mech parts! If this isn't Clever enough to garner more support, What will?


Another Drought?

Not again! We only got a quarter of the time to go and need 58 more for the first milestone! I might need to hurry with the next two mechs, starting with this one!

Representing the Natural side, The pink minifig takes to the skies in an aviary machine. Forming the Helm and Wings of the Complete Natural sided Combiner!

If this doesn't help, I got one more mech to show in five more days.


The Final Third

Only one new supporter again? this is starting to become a problem at 0.42% with only 20 days left! I got no choice, I'm gonna need another mech!
Representing the Industrial side, Our green Minifig speeds along the roads with a formula one car, Forming the arms of the Industrial sided Combiner!
Only two mechs left to show, if you wish to see More off this, Please Support this before it's too late!


A Proper Drought

Ten days ago, we nearly suffered a dry streak before a supporter saved it, now we're really suffering a dry streak of five days! This could be a problem.


Orange you excited?

Already at the Halfway mark and we gathered four new supporters, Boosting this to a 0.41%. It's a stretch, but we're gonna need more than three mechs. Time to unveil the next Mech!
Represent the Natural side, The orange minifig goes primal with a chimp-like Machine. Forming the arms of the Nature sided Combiner.
not only that, but it comes equipped with a blaster using some of the Mech parts! How resourceful!


A near drought

Sheesh, only one new supporter around the 25 day mark? That only bumps it up to a 0.37%. I was worried that we would see a drought after gaining three every update (sans the first.)


Hello Yellow!

yet another three supporters came to help boost this to a 0.36%. there's no doubt about it, I'm gonna need more than two mechs for this. Here's a preview of one of the mechs from the other side!

Representing the industrial side, our yellow minifig brings heavy duty strength with a bulldozer, forming the legs of the industrial sided Combiner.


First Quarter

A quarter of our time is gone and we managed to get three more people involved, bumping this up to a 0.33%. I feel like what I've shown doesn't seem to be enough for you. maybe the next five days can prove me wrong?

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