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Jungle Fever / Concrete Justice


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Two teams, Two Ideals, Which side are you on?

in case you're wondering what this is, I'm tackling a Pair of squadrons with a conflict of a Natural and an Industrial theme. and to make it interesting, I'm tying it to a line of combining mechs. With the natural side using more animalistic machines and the industrial side using vehicles. With the mechs taking several bricks to make.

What mechs are there?
  • White lion train (135 Bricks)
  • Blue amphibian (75 Bricks)

Why did you build this?
I built it to see what themes I could play with for a combiner team.

Why do you believe in this?
I had plenty of ideas before this, yet They never had much of a conflict. so this could help satisfy the "conflict-in-a-box" market.

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