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Sid From Ice Age

Ice Age is many people's favourite movie, including myself. I was disappointed when I saw there is not any LEGO sets in this topic. I had to design one.

I was thinking a lot for what I should build, but in the end I decided to create a statue about one of the main characters. Sid is my all-time favourite, so it was not a difficult decision. I have always loved this clumsy but very funny character, because of his giant heart. And I know there are many people who also would be very happy if they could buy a similar LEGO set.

So I designed a displayable Sid figure with flexible arms and legs, and I put a dandelion in his hand what he can eat like in the first movie before he meets Manny.

I hope if you're one of the Ice Age fans, and you like my idea you will promote it.

Have a nice day!

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