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Off-road Exploration


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One fine day, a couple took their dog and went on an adventure! Driving their off-road SUV with a trailer attached, carrying their 4-wheeler and dirt bike, they drove to find the perfect stunt spot. Finally they found the perfect spot in the woods, a natural ramp made from dirt. They unpacked there gear, revved up the engines and started exploring.

This scene contains the following: 2 minifigures having fun in the woods while their dog sits and barks with enjoyment. A dirt ramp for them to do stunts on in the middle of the woods. A trailer to store the 4-wheeler, dirt bike, extra gasoline, tools and a helmet for protection for each minifigure (this set could either contain the whole forest scene or just the tree).

The doors of the SUV can in fact open revealing the inside and has an extra tire above in case of an emergency. The SUV has a a trunk where the people can store their helmets and the SUV includes a license plate. The trailer contains a stand, in case they need to detach it and the dirt bike has a clip to keep it sturdy during the rough ride.

This set is one that has not been made before, it includes a 4-wheeler and a dirt bike with a trailer! I have seen LEGO sets with dirt bikes and 4-wheeler's, but not with both of them in the same set. I have been wanting one for a while and took it upon myself to build one. I don't think I'm the only one who has been wanting one of these types of sets as well. I built this because it hasn't been done before and that it includes both types of off-road vehicles. This set would be great because it's a combination of two different types of sets and can encourage kids explore in their own ways and expand their imagination!

Thank you all for your support and have a wonderful day!

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