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Lego Fantasy

This is one of my cool dragon type creatures. This one is a black fire dragon, it has two fire wings that are also arms, it has two back legs, two front legs, a big tail and a head. I made the back legs of this dragon to be a bit bigger and stronger than the front legs because it can be fully on its back legs without falling over. Everything about this creature is very steady and strong, there isn’t parts that fall of easy, everything is very well built.

I love building mythical creatures because people usually ask things like what is it, what can it do? So if I were to build a shark for example you already know what it is and what it can do and that’s why I like building things like this. Plus I just find it so cool to build mythical things because it’s like your creating a whole new world with new creatures that can look and do anything you want them to!

I think this would make a great set for anyone, anyone who loves lego will most likely love this set! I mean a big black fire dragon would make a great addition to anyones lego collection! Plus there aren’t really any dragon sets coming out anymore which is really sad because those were the sets I like buying most. Overall this would make a really cool lego set and I bet I’m not the only one who loves fantasy creatures like this.

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