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Micro Egg Carrier


The Egg Carrier is a vessel that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. It is a large multifunctional flying fortress created by Dr. Eggman which initially served as the doctor's base of operations during an attempt to conquer the world. The Egg Carrier has been crewed by Eggman and various robots, including the first E-100 Series robots. The original Egg Carrier fell into the ocean after a mighty battle, but others iterations have been made over time to take its place.

The original iteration of the Egg Carrier was an all-purpose aerial fortress with numerous commodities befitting an evil genius. It was capable of flight and hovering, and was equipped with a plethora of weaponry. This included a large front-mounted laser cannon, laser turrets, air mines, and missile launchers. It had as well hangars for quick deployment of aerial robot drones to defend the vessel. This Egg Carrier could also transform into two shapes; a cruise form and an high-movement battle form. While being somewhat streamlined in its pre-transformed mode, its post-transformed mode made it much harder to get from the landing area to the bridge.

The Micro Egg Carrier is very detailed and can transform between the two shapes.

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