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1920s Gangster Hideout

Back in the 1980s, LEGO considered, designed then cancelled a 1920's era Gangster theme. It was understandable why - this theme would have needed to rely strongly on AFOLs, a community which wasn't so defined then. Today, however, the LEGO scene is flooded with fans of all ages who woul enjoy a trip to America of the past. This 16x32 building fits the creator modular series, but it also works as a standalone building; after a string of successful robberies, our gang sits back and relaxes in their hideout - an abandoned pizzeria - with their prized cash slung all over the place. The ground floor includes two rounded tables, which can be knocked over in the ensuing chaos in order to escape the police, a small kitchen area with a pizza, and a small shelf loaded with 100 dollar bills - printed on sand green for the first time. Climbing a ladder gives access to the next floor, with a card table, opening window and access to the air vent: this silver structure travels consistently up the back of the building towards the roof. The third floor is similar, however this has the kingpin of the gang's personal stash - there is another access point to the air vent here. Throughout the building is lots of clever detail, helping to create an early 20th century atmosphere. Also included is a malfunctioning fire hydrant and a comical hand-pulled police wagon, to transport the crooks to prison. In order to fully showcase this as a historical scene, I have mixed classic and modern prints for the minifigures, some of which are recolours - the main ones include the 1978 police torso in blue, 2000 Princess Leia dress in green and 2006 Penguin head in yellow. Along with other surprises, this is great for display or play!

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