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Sneaky Sasquatch: Spaghetti Hotline

I made the Spaghetti Hotline from Sneaky Sasquatch. This is my third Sneaky Sasquatch build and I decided to build a simple building. The outside is made with different 1x2 and 1x1 dark tan bricks. The outside also has a dumpster and the classic spaghetti bike. The inside has a fridge, sink and cash register. It also has a phone so that Spaghetti Man can take peoples orders. I tried to make it look as game accurate as possible. The characters consist of Sneaky Sasquatch and Spaghetti Man. This set would make a great set because hundreds of thousands of people love the game Sneaky Saquatch and I think that it is time it gets its own set. Please consider supporting.

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