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Old Bookstore


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Welcome to the bookstore. This modular bookstore fits nicely into the other buildings in the modular series. It sits on a 32x32 baseplate and has a brick count of 2,985.

When you enter the bookstore, you will on the groundfloor find a shop full of books and games. In the window display you can also find some Lego models, as well as the latest book releases. The shop assistent is ready to help you.

On the first floor you find the toys department and rest area. There is a model train displayed and a lot of teddies. The little boy has picked a nice rabbit. In the rest area, you can help yourself pouring a cop of coffee or tea and read the newspaper.

The second floor consists of an appartment with a nice terrace. The family is already preparing the barbeque.

Hope that you like the bookstore just as much as I do and that you will vote for the model and spread the words about the model amongst your friends.

Thanks in advance

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