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The Krusty Krab - SpongeBob SquarePants


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Ahoy mateys!

Introducing The Krusty Krab! The famous restaurant from many people's beloved childhood show - SpongeBob SquarePants, first airing all the way back in 1999!

This idea features 6 minifigures (7 if you include Plankton) the building itself, the clamshell sign, an enter sign, the dumpster, and a boat mobile! Now - let's get into the details!

Minifigures -

Each minifigure has been updated with new colors and new prints, as well as some other changes!

  • SpongeBob : I'm ready! This hard-working employee comes with his work hat and his trusty spatula! How else could he serve up delicious Krabby Patties? Comes updated with a brighter yellow color, and dark orange shorts, as well as back printing.

  • Patrick : SpongeBob's best buddy and a regular patron of The Krusty Krab comes sporting the new "coral" color, as well as mid-legs to more accurately represent his height.

  • Squidward : Sour Squidward has been updated with a brighter blue color, and a dark orange shirt. He comes with his work hat and his clarinet.

  • Mr. Krabs : Arg arg arg! The restaurant wouldn't be complete without its money loving owner! His pants now have updated colors.

  • Sandy : Yeehaw! Sandy's been updated to include her tail, and a flower on her dome. More accurate colors of her suit, as well as dual legs to show off her boots.

  • Plankton: Aha! Scheming Plankton! He comes complete with a new face print and a dark green clip piece as his antennae to top him off.

  • Fred: My leg! Now this is new! As a bonus Fred is included as a regular customer, using the fish head piece. Comes in a nice olive green.

The Extras -

  • Clamshell sign: The iconic clamshell Krusty Krab sign comes complete with lush sealife below. I made sure this is structurally stable, as well as detailed. Comes with a printed panel piece for the logo.

  • Dumpster: A handful of classic scenes came from this very dumpster, I've referenced one with a print of "Squidward Smells" on the front of the dumpster! Can be opened and closed, and comes with 3 dumpster bags - 2 inside and 1 outside.

  • Enter sign: This needed sign serves as advertisement as well as directions!

  • Boatmobile: Can't get around without this! Bikini Bottom's most popular form of transportation - a speed boat with wheels! Completed with a stick shift, steering wheel, yellow rotor at the rear and a flag at the front.

  • Two Krabby Patties: The Krusty Krab's signature menu item! This idea includes two of them.

The Krusty Krab -

Here's the good bit! The front of the double door building has a hanging net showcasing nautical flags, as well as protruding nails from the many planks the restaurant is built up of. The front window has a Krabby Patty sign indicating that yes, they do sell Krabby Patties! The side arches are held together with tied net ropes. Around the back is a window to the kitchen, as well as a back door. On top is a smoke chimney and a weather vane… or an antenna? I'm not exactly sure what that is actually.

The build comes apart in 6 modular pieces for easier access! The front and back wall, front and back roof, the top roof and finally the interior roof. Now let's get to the rooms!

  • Dining area : Decked out with 4 ship wheel tables, 2 barrel seats for each. Squidward's boat where he takes orders is also here, as well Mr. Krab's beloved cash register. Above Squidward is the "galley grub" menu, and an "order here" sign. Two mast pillars with hanging rope on either end for better structure. Above the double doors is the ship wheel clock. Also included is a trash can storing a Nasty Patty and Condiment Island, where you can top up on utensils, condiments, etc.

On top of the main rooms is what I call the interior roof, filled with storage clutter. Boxes, cans, flour bags, barrels, an anchor and the chimney pipe from the kitchen to the roof.

  • Kitchen : This is where SpongeBob grills the Krabby Patties for the hungry customers! Included are the grill, the fryer, a table for the buns and a station for applying condiments. Above the condiment station are hanging pans and other kitchenware. There's a closet for all of SpongeBob's belongings, a barrel full of patties, a sink and a bucket to mop the floors. A life bouy is also hung on the wall above the sink.

  • Mr. Krabs' office: Mr. Krabs' money counting quarters, complete with his treasure chest desk loaded with dollar bills and coins, Mr. Krabs' chair, a shelf and a window. Included is a seat for meetings with the boss, as well as a lantern hanging from the top masts. Let's not forget the all important safe for the Krabby Patty secret formula too!

  • Bathroom: For all your hygienic needs! One stall is included, complete with a toilet, paper, and a flush. Mounted on the wall is a sink and mirror, and to the left of that is a locker for SpongeBob and Squidward.

To Conclude -

I strongly believe a return of LEGO SpongeBob would be much loved by many! This idea is aimed at all age ranges too, with both playability and aesthetics in mind! A nostalgic teen or adult could enjoy this just as much as a kid would.

This was very fun (and at times, challenging) to design, and I learnt a lot from my experience in setting everything up for this submission!

Your support for this idea would be incredibly appreciated and very welcome! :)

I'm dedicating this to SpongeBob's creator - Stephen Hillenburg. Thank you for my childhood.

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