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The Ten Headed Beast - Loudra


The Ten-headed Beast has fallen.

within the final few days, we've managed to gather 14 new supporters, bumping our total to 1.67% before we expire. you tried your best, but at least we passed the hundred supporter milestone before expiring. here's hoping my few remaining culmination projects can go far...

Edit: make that 15, bumping us up to 1.68%.


The ten-headed beast has come to rest.

The leap day has arrived to finish off February, and with one new supporter coming from it, i feel like the beast won't have long before it falls to expiration with 1.53%. a project this big will certainly hurt as it becomes a Failure of epic proportions.

I still got a couple projects left to give me hope, one of which is active right now, so I'm counting on you guys!


One last month for the Loudra

with January wrapping up, we've managed to gather seven new supporters, bumping our total to 1.52% as we burn through another month. i hope you still got some fight left to give to the Loudra throughout February!


back where the beast has awoken.

now that we're back at the sixty days we started with, i don't think the Loudra will be getting the 1,000-supporter milestone anytime soon, so I'll be anticipating any supporters we gather as we go out after a whole year.


Entering the new year of the Beast

and so, with four new supporters bumping up the total to 1.45% and eleven days from returning to the starting sixty, we wrap up 2023 with not much time left on the clock. i do hope we can gather more as we begin the Loudra's near year.


November's ten-headed Feast

With November drawing to a close, we've gained three new supporters for the Loudra which bumps our support count to 1.41%. i don't think we'll be reaching the thousand-supporter milestone as we only have just over a quarter of a year left to even accomplish that. but I'd be surprised if we somehow manage that.


Halloween for the Beast.

another month with only one new supporter, and on Lucy's favorite holiday too. we currently sit at 1.38% and have 132 days to even reach the next milestone. I'm worried the new wings didn't do the trick like i thought.


the Month of Fright beckons for the Beast

with only one new supporter throughout the month of September and under half a year to go, I do worry that the beast won't last long as 2023 draws closer to its end. what to do in order to entice more support other than sharing the Link?


Off on the Retreat

the changes made to the Beast have netted us six new supporters to bump our count to 1.36% as we wrap up the month of august. sadly, I'll have to be away from you all starting this September. but i hope you're willing to spread word of this while I'm away.

The same goes with my other, more recent project if you haven't supported it already!


Alerting the beast for August.

only three new supporters came to help the Beast, bumping us up to 1.30% as we approach august. such a slow trickle over the months won't get us anywhere. I do believe it's high time to update the beast for the upcoming month.

this will add some more bricks to the piece count, but hopefully it'll be worth it.

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