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The Ten Headed Beast - Loudra


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The ten headed beast has awoken!

One body, ten heads, all monstrous! every single limb of this build is posable with a mix of ball joints and ratchets, so you can go crazy with however you want to pose it, all in just over 1200 pieces! Leni's shades and Lisa's glasses were something i couldn't keep accurate in the Translation since the piece used to make them were modified Magnifying glasses.

why did you build this?
I based it off my fan-made alternate universe of the Loud House where the eleven kids obtained minor mutations from a group lab experiment gone awry, eventually learning that all their changes are a part of a much larger mutation that they share and can only form when they morph together.

why do you believe in this?
I couldn't get any other idea to work, so i saved this for last before i went through my past projects and compiled the best i could get from all of them.

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