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Deadliest Catch Time Bandit


Set sail with the Time Bandit from Deadliest Catch. This massive boat has approximately 2000-2500 pieces. This boat measures 22in long, 5 1/2in wide, and 12in tall. This boat in the front has two stories with the top story is an equipment room and has a door to access the bottom story with a ladder going down into it. The bottom story is a storage room with accessories in it. The bow of the ship features a turn able crank to wind up the anchor or let it down. Next to the system for the anchor there are the lights to see out into the ocean with a ladder to put up or take down the flag in case of extreme weather.  On the other side of the anchor system there is the first crane which can be moved around in a 360 degrees and can be moved up and down. The hook for the crane can be moved up and down by the turn knob and there is also a fast way to move the hook for a faster movement by sliding the top part of the crane backwards to pick the hook up or to push it forwards to set it down. On the deck of the ship throw your hook out to catch the crab pots and pull it in by putting it on the tires. Once it is close enough hook it to the crane to set the crab pots on the deck. Open the pots and sort the crabs out on the sorting table. Once you have sorted out the crabs put them in the crab tank which can be raised up for easier access. Take the crane on the main deck and move the crab pots to the other side of the boat. This crane has three different joints for movement and a hook on the end to move the crab pots. Inside the main interior of the boat features three stories. The bottom being the engine room which features the main engine, fuel centrifuge, and all of your check engine lights such as oil, fuel, etc. The basement can be accessed by a set of stairs in the galley (middle story) and for our access can be pulled apart from the rest of the boat connected by a set of hinges. As you walk into the galley (middle story) from the deck if you take a right you can go into the bathroom which features a toilet and a sink, if you go a little bit farther to your left will be the set of stairs to the engine room, and in the back of the room will be the kitchen with a table to sit down and eat, sink with cabinets above and below. The bathrooms floor features 1x1 flat small tiles in checker board patter in black and white and the kitchen with checkerboard pattern of 2x2 flat red and maroon tiles. If you take a left instead of a right in the front of the galley go straight back to go the bedrooms or take a right up the stairs to go the wheelhouse (top floor). The bedroom features a bunk bed attached by the wall. The wheelhouse (top floor) features where the captain takes control of the boat with all of his equipment for locations of the crab pots, steering of the boat, and more! On the left side of the wheelhouse features another place for somebody to sit and take control of the boat in case of an emergency. On the back of the boat features tons of buoys and antennas.

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