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Gamestop Moduler


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What is it?
Hello there! Kylo Ren here. GameStop is a very loved store by millions, if not billions, because if the amazing access to video games and collectible items. This modular is modeled off of a GameStop in Covina CA. Here are some of the need-to-know facts about this MOC:
  • This model has over 2,100 pieces!
  • It comes with custom lego PS5s, Series X Xboxs and many Nintendo Switches. Note: These custom items have no brand names so no separate IPs are needed.
  • Removable roof for access to the inside.
  • Many great details to make it look like the original stores.
  • This set also comes with 4 mini-figures, 2 shoppers and 2 store workers with the text "GameStop" printed on the torso. Note: The pictures of these mini-figs are not included.
  • Many other fun items as well are included!

Why did I build it?
I have had this mostly built for over a year now, (I have many more projects LOL) and I decided to finish it off because it is my first modular ever! I chose this store design because it is from a real building out in CA which is out west and I am from AZ so it compliments my favorite type of terrain. This building makes it so that I could make it have details to stand out and make it look good. It was really fun to build, and it only took 4 hours straight! In other words, I sat there for FOUR hours and built this thing!!!

Why would this make a good set?
Well, it compliments the original stores and would give fans the nostalgia that the store brings to many! It has many playability features and it is not just a basic build. It has many bricks and would take time to build so people could be interested for sometime! other than that, it just looks good! The details make it stand out and it would look amazing on a desk or shelf!

Thanks for reading!

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