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No Man's Sky™ Radiant Pillar BC-1


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This is a model of the startership from No Man's Sky: the Radiant Pillar BC-1 (sorry Rasamama fans...)! I started this project because i am a fan of the game and it's designs. I would really want want to see a LEGO No Man's Sky set, so i decided to recreate the most relevant ship in the game. I think it would make a great lego set because if you want to start your own adventure, you just need a spaceship and some imagination! It also would make a nice display piece.


1x Radiant Pillar BC-1 (Explore more than 18 quintillion planets with your own little spaceship!)

2x Travelers/Players (BEYOND Red and NEXT Orange! Play with your friends as well!)
     1x Red Exosuit Backpack with jetpack thrust
     1x Orange Exosuit Backpack with jetpack thrust
     2x Multitool

1x Sentinel Drone (Protect the planet's resources or destroy them!)

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