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Pixar's Luca

Luca is a charming animated movie that breaks new grounds for Pixar’s endless creativity!

The feature film inspired me to recreate the two main characters – Luca and Alberto in LEGO bricks. They are not only buildable characters but also true friends.  As for the model itself, Luca’s human head, arms, and legs can be swapped with those of his sea monster look. By doing so, players can use their creativity and create the version of the character they want.

When I watched Luca for the first time I fell in love with the Italian Riviera. The vivid colours and cartoonish looks of the characters inspired me to capture that vivid look using LEGO. Luca and Alberto are an example of the unstoppable friendship that lasts forever.  

I believe that sea life is quite interesting to explore. Moreover, Luca enables collectors to dream big and reach new heights while building and playing with the two unique boys.

‘Silenzio Bruno!’ – Luca and Alberto

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