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Modular Townhouse


Welcome to my next Lego Ideas project, the Modular Townhouse! Made up of 2150 pieces, this is the perfect addition to any LEGO city or display.

The model is made up of two detachable parts: the building itself and the garden.

The actual building is made up of three floors, each packed with all sorts of interesting features. The ground floor has a small kitchen on one side, and a dining table set for a meal on the other. Head up the stairs to find a cosy sitting room with comfortable armchairs, a TV, and a little fireplace just below. There is an old desk, and shelves with trophies on the wall. The top floor, accessed by another flight of stairs, is the bedroom. There is a little bed, and an ensuite toilet. There is a bookshelf and a stereo, plus two decorative plants. There is also a staircase to the roof, where the satellite dish is located.

In the garden, there is a little patio with a table and chairs, and beyond that a tree and a shed. The shed is packed full of all sorts of tools and equipment that might be needed.

I hope you like my project! I truly believe that this set would be ideal for LEGO fans of all ages, and a great place for your minifigures to hang out, so if you like my Modular Townhouse, please support and follow!

Thanks for your support!

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