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The Tower of Barad-Dur

Standing two feet and ten inches off the ground, having a slightly smaller piece count than Edoras yet one greater than the Black Gate, the Dark Tower is the jewel of my Lego building architecture. One of the models not included in the Lotr and Hobbit line, this is one of the most amazing building included in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, rivaled only I would say by Minas Tirith. This took two weeks during the beginning of quarantine to construct.
This would make an amazing feature to the Lego Ideas line, being built with castle-like techniques, a great tower even larger than Orthanc, yet containing a reasonable piece count. The curves in the base and near the top of the tower using hinge techniques, a complex yet buildable set at the level of the Creator Expert difficulty. All Lord of the Rings fans would love this, as it is one of the most iconic pieces of architecture in the movie and book series by Tolkien. Built primarily of black but also some of dark grey because of the rock work, this is the second largest model I’ve entered on Ideas, but easily my favorite. It stands out above the rest not because of size, but simply because of how recognizable it is, which is why it would be amazing to have as a set.

I hope you all like my newest project idea! Please support!

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