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Megaman X: Vava and Ride Armor

In my childhood, Mega Man X was one of my favorite video games. Among the villains in the game, Vava and his ride armor particularly left a deep impression on me. The first time Vava appeared, riding a giant robot with powerful cannons on his shoulder, that made a big impression on me.

Recently, LEGO has launched many nostalgic video game products, which brought back my memories of this character and inspired me to create this project

This project is based on the first level of the game and consists of the following:
- Vava
- Vava's Ride Armor
- Ball De Voux 

I love playing with Lego, but I don’t like taking sets apart. However, I saw some amazing MOCs on Instagram recently, which inspired me to build my own creations. I hope you like this project and thanks for your support! 

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