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1930's Service Station


oh well...

My service station has Shell logo on the bricks and i like it, but will be fine with octan logo too!!


100 supporters!

Thank you all 100 supporters !!

Time to change tyres and fill the tank!


car update - rendering

new car concept, does it look more '30 ??

convertible car with 2 front seats + rear seats (for 1 or 2 minifigs)

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now open all night long!

I always want to add illumination on my Lego when i was a child, and now i can't stop adding lights on this one!

No official set here, but a different version with led lighting kit.


Both external and internal lights can be turn on with different switches



Some picture of the car-lift system and Service Station filled with official Lego's city car and truck

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concept comparison

Here we have a picture of one of the original Magnolia Service Station (this one is located in Shamrock - Texas) builded in the 1920s-1930s

And my interpretation of this type of structure made with Lego


Also a brief document who explain the architecture style generally used for that type of building



Oh well, i forgot to add info about the set composition:

4 minifigures (like show on previous pictures) and a "big" car complete the set.

Car have openable hood and doors

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