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1930's Service Station


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When i looking at lego city promo picture i've notice a lot of vehicles and i ask to my self, where can they go when some car's tyre gone bad? or when they need to make gasoline?

Here we have the answer! The Service Station!

Lego make a lot of service station in past decades, and this is my idea of service station.

The project take inspiration from the old 1930's style fuel stations (Magnolia Company) that sits along the streets of the United States of America. This project can be fit on City brand also on Modular section with some little changes.

The standard baseplate for the building is a double 16x32 studs. In picture i've change the baseplates with a 32x32 double road plus a 16x32 and another 16x16.


The structure is made with tan and dark tan brick to simulated old walls that loosing the plaster.

For access to the interior, the roof can be (carefully) removed in 2 pieces.

Removing the white plates, on the ridge of the roof, can able to open the building in half for making more playable.


The interior are divided into:

  • Workshop area (repair veichles and tyres - buy accessories);
  • Storage / Technical room;
  • Bathroom.

The workshop area is rich of details. The shelves can handle most of the tyres used in past or recent Lego's official vehicles. There's a car lift (working) created using the old mechanism of Lego #850 Forklift.

Also a skylight can be opened. The car lift can handle a lot of vehicles (4 to 6 stud wide) with limitation on height and length.

The shop area is filled with phone, cash register and a ventilator. Also an hidden object under the table.

Some technic bricks are used for simulated the water and electrical pipes from the storage room into the bathroom and workshop area.

The bathroom don't need to be explained.

On the exterior 2 fuel pumps (1950's style pump), and some minor objects (litter bin, water dispenser, used tyres). The filling station can fit almost all of the official vehicles made from Lego, even the longest.

The Service Station can be fit on urban or country contest.

On the external link more photos of the project and a comparison with other building (vintage style drive-in and other Lego's official house).

Important: this is 100% pure Lego creation.

Thanks for looking and please support it !!

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