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Playstation Logo

A simple logo, infinite emotions.

These colours, these two letters, have made adults and children happy since 1994.
Even today, millions of people enjoy playing with this historic console brand. Five generations, one more innovative and beautiful than the other. Times when boxes were broken with Crash Bandicoot, mysteries were revealed with the most famous archaeologist in the world, Lara Croft in Tomb Raider. Today the Playstation keeps these great classics alive for the nostalgic, but dedicates itself to new games with graphics very close to reality and breathtaking stories.
Much can be said about this simple logo, yet there is no need. Just look at it to understand what we are talking about.

This Lego set represents the passion for this generation of consoles that has accompanied our lives for about 30 years. It is intended to be purely exhibition and decorative, I imagine it in everyone's homes, hanging on the wall next to their console.
A beautiful picture which in its simplicity means history for many.

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