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Apollo 11 Saturn-V


Please support Mission Apollo 17!

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Mission Apollo 17!
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Social Offensive!

I know I've already said this a lot of times but please spread the word!

Make sure to share this on Facebook, Twitter or simply everywhere you can to make this project reach 10.000 in time! We need your help!

An update with new pictures will come at 3000 supports.

Thank you for your running interest in our project. We really appreciate that!


We reached a 1/4!

Thank you very much everybody we reached a quarter!

We still need every help we can get!

Please spread the word!


Thanks for 2000 + Official Lego Comment + New Picture!

Thank you very much for 2000 supports!

When whatsuptoday and I submitted this project reaching 2k was a dream but now it happened :D

To celebrate this we made a new pic:

Say goodbye to the Moon!

Thanks also to the Lego Ideas team for the official comment!

Stay tuned for more updates and share this project everywhere you can so that this becomes a real Lego set!


Celebrating 1969 supports!

1969 isn't that a funny number :D

For those who don't know, the Moonlanding was in the year 1969 : )

So it's up to you to support our project.

We need an Apollo 11 set!



Thanks for your support so far! :D


Thanks for 1800!

Thank you very much for 1800 supports!

Please tell all your friends about this set. 

It would also be a big help if you inform all NASA, space and Lego fans you know about this set so our big dream comes true and this will be an official Lego set!

You're also welcome to suggest improvements.

Just leave a comment and I'll answer your request ; )


Also make sure to look at whatsuptoday's and my other projects on Lego Ideas!


Comparison picture!

I made a comparison picture to show you how big this thing actually is :D



We reached 1000! + NEW PICTURES

First of all I want to thank all supporters for 1000!

For that special number whatsuptoday and I prepared a BIG update.

We present to you:

The mobile Saturn-V Launch Pad!

(this will not be included in the Saturn-V set it's just for fun but maybe we'll post it as a separate project in the future)

Check out all pictures in high resolution here.

The update features:

  • the launch pad with the crane
  • lots of details on the crane
  • the crawler with working steering to bring the rocket to the right launch position

I hope you like our update : )

Please support share and comment!




New picture!

Since we already reached 600 supports we decided to make an update with a new picture of an astronaut display stand which would be included in the set:

The display stand includes:

  • Neil Armstrong and "Buzz" Aldrin minifigs
  • The american flag
  • tools to analyze the Moon surface and grab moonstones
  • a plaque with the memorable words Neil Armstrong said while he sat his foot on the Moon!
  • a small rotatable Earth

I hope you like it!

Please support, comment and share!

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