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Apollo 11 Saturn-V


The Eagle Has Landed

The Eagle has landed!

After more than a year our rocket finally completed its mission.

To celebrate this I would like to thank you all for your support. Not as saabfan but as my real self Felix Stiessen. I vividly remember when I built my first Saturn-V out of Lego at the age of 7. It basically was nothing but a 1 meter high pillar out of colorful bricks put together in countless hours with lots of effort. At that time I swore to build a better, bigger and even more realistic version once I had the opportunity.
As you can imagine I was over the moon (pun intended) when I first heard of Lego Digital Designer, a program where you can digitally build enormous models with any bricks in any color you want. So I straightaway started building and now here I am. I have not built this model in real life yet but thanks to you guys and Lego Ideas (former Cuusoo) chances are my dream will finally come true! :D

I especially want to thank Valerie Roche (aka whatsuptoday) for her great help over the last year. She did not only complete and improve big parts of the model but also made all the beautiful pictures you can see of our rocket. I truly would not be at this point if it wasn’t for her! Thank you very much!

Message from Valerie:

I wish first to thank all the anonymous people who appreciated our work and supported us during this long flight to Billund, after making a detour to the moon, where I find myself still! Secondly, I wish to thank immensely everyone who participated in Promoting and spreading this collaborative project across the world and also in parts of the universe, yes, I received yesterday an email that appeared  to come from a different planet, but from where?
"- - -... Hello, Houston, can you hear me? ... Beep .... beep - - -

And also, a big THANK YOU to Mr. Craig Dillon for believing in this project and giving us great ideas for improving the design (he rebuilt the rocket almost identically, without building instructions!). He also participated fully in the development of the rocket-interior and the hatches. A big thank you to my friend, Dr. Circe Verba, who helped me to believe in this project and who taught me to promote, diplomatically, this design on social networks.



Big thanks to Craig Dillon also from me for his enormous help with promoting and improving the rocket over the last month. It is always heartwarming to meet people who appreciate your work and offer their help. I am sure if we had met him earlier we would have been at this point much quicker.


What comes next you may ask?

Well our project is now in the Lego Ideas review where the staff evaluates the set idea and decides which ones are going to be Lego Ideas sets. This can take up to a few months. Although bigger projects seem to have less chances to pass the review we are optimistic and hope to be the creators of the first big Lego Ideas set.

Is that it? Not in the slightest!

Now we want to present to you the nano Saturn-V Launch-Tower!
This will not be included in a set. It’s just a mere thank you to all supporters. To all that can’t wait to get the real set take this as an early present. The nano model is built out of 209 bricks which are all available in the correct colours. Instructions and decals are provided here. So what are you waiting for head over to bricklink, get the parts, build your own one and make sure to take a photo of it and tweet it to saabfan_lego so we can see it. (The link's provided below the pics)


Here’re some pics:

Instructions are available >here<.


If you’re still reading thanks for  following us right to the end. Thanks especially to those who regularily stopped by to watch the support, check out the updates or just to say some nice and encouraging words in the comments section.

Are there any other projects planned? Not at the moment but I would really like to work again with my fellow collaborators. I think we are a great team. :)




9000 Supports Updated E-Booklet and Additional Pic!

We reached 9000 supports! :D

Thank you very much to you all. Since there have been quite a lot of changes on our rocket recently we updated our e-booklet.
Make sure to check it out via clicking the picture below!


Also we want to show you a new picture which takes a closer look at the basic version's stand:
(Click the picture to view it in full resolution)


Here is the "Apollo spacecraft", which is common to both models: "Deluxe and Basic."


Of course, the "Lunar Module" is also common to both models and keeps the same appearance :-)


2 Different Versions


Thank you very much for checking out our latest update!

For this update we have a special treat for you.
We decided to offer two versions of our rocket as a proposal.
Either a „Deluxe“ version or a „Basic“ one.

(Click on the pictures to view them in full resolution)



The Deluxe model has a detailed interior with fuel tanks.


  • Hatches on all 3 stages to view the detailed inside with fuel tanks
  • Stand with printed plaque
  • Piece of Moon surface with three astronauts and plaque


  • Quite a lot of pieces which results in higher price
  • Not as stable as the basic version due to the hatches

Here're some pictures:


The basic version looks exactly the same on the outside but has about 800 bricks less than the Deluxe version and therefore is more economic.


  • Less pieces which results in lower price
  • Same details on the outside
  • Simplified stand that includes a bit of Moon surface with the three astronauts


  • No interior except for the Lander


Which one are you going to pick? It’s up to you!

Apollo 11 Saturn-V team


5000 Supports!

What a number! Back in the Cuusoo era I (saabfan) could only dream of this milestone. Because of this, we would like to take this occasion and  again thank you for your amazing support! Special thanks to Lego Ideas member jclishman who tweeted Phil Plait aka @Badastronomer about our project which gave it an extra boost so we could enter the popular this week section once again. Also, thanks to Brickfanatics and Popular Mechanics for writing articles about our project. This truly helps a lot on our quest to reach 10k.

Anyway, let's get to the update.
The new features are:

  • Due to recent requests we redesigned the engines on nearly all stages
  • Redesigned fuel tanks (now closer to the original ones)
  • And finally a display stand that not only looks cool but also keeps the rocket in a secure upright position. It also has a printed plaque.

In addition to that, a cool poster has been made. It measures 3402 x 2.268 px (120 x 80 cm or 47 x 31 in) and the format is 3/2 which would be the perfect size for putting it up above your bed. ;)

Check it out!
(click the picture below to get to the download page)

Here you can see the stand:

Please let us know in the comment section if you like our update or you have some suggestions.
Constructive criticism is always great!

If you like space projects make sure to check out and support our Mission Apollo 17 project so we can reach 1000 and get a time extension!
(Click on the pictures to view them in full resolution)



Thanks a lot for stopping by.

Your Apollo 11 saturn-V team



Now one of the most supported projects!

We just entered the first page of the most supported projects aka top 21 projects on Lego Ideas.
What does this mean? Hopefully we'll now gain support much faster!

Thank you very much. This wouldn't have been possible without you! ;)


4000 + New Half-Life Picture!

We reached 4000!
Thank you very much!

On this occasion whatsuptoday redesigned the interior of the rocket and included a colorful representation of the fuel tanks.
Here's a half-life picture.
I hope you like it.
(To view it in full resolution click the picture!)


Article on EB!

On the occasion of the 46th anniversary of the Lunar Landing our project got a frontpage article on the well known Eurobricks forum.
Thanks a lot!

Make sure to check it out by clicking the picture below and view it in full size!!




We Reached a Third!

Thanks a lot to all supporters!

We reached 3333 supports which is a third of 10.000 supports!


New Booklet!

If you're interested in the history of this model and if you also want to find out additional information about the Saturn-V make sure to check out our new booklet by clicking the picture below!



Thank you very much for your support! W finally reached 3000 supports!

Thanks a lot!

As promised here're the new pictures:
If you wish to see all pics in high resolution click here.

There have been several changes on the model. Mostly they were about structure (see red parts). The stages are also more detailed now. We added the "rings" between them.

Here's a new arrangement of the Lunar module taking off:


We hope you like it! Please spread the word and stay tuned for further updates!

the creators

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