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What is the most important thing for a city? A playground of course, would the kids say!

I've built a playground which is perfect for both kids and parents. There are the playground building, a sandbox, a seesaw, a tree, and a bench.

The playground building consist of a slide, a suspension bridge and a tower. There are a bench for the parents, and a tree to get some nature. The seesaw can move as a real seesaw. And of course, a sandbox with a bucket.

The playground comes with 3 minifigures of a play-loving kid, a mom and a dad.

The playground consist of 309 bricks in total. Playground building (179), figures (12), sandbox (31), seesaw (17), tree (59), and bench (11).


I have earlier submitted this idea to LEGO Ideas, but it didn't came so high in supporters. A user on Ideas wanted me to get back the playground, so here it is. The playground has not changed, but I've changed the figures for a more personal and cool look. Better images are there too ;)


Thanks for looking and I'll look forward to reach the 10,000 supporters with your help!


PLEASE also take a look of my other project coming the next time including my newest project:

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Thanks again

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