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Disney Soy Luna Jam & Roller


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"Siempre hay una luz que te guia. Siempre vuelve a salir el sol"


Calling all Soy Luna fans


Based on one of the most popular TV shows in the 21st century comes a re-creation of Jam & Roller. Made by Disney, Soy Luna takes place in Buenos Aires, Argentina and follows the girl Luna and her life with her family and friends.

Jam & Roller is the place where Luna and her friends are hanging out when they're away from home or their school Blake South College.

I have re-created Jam & Roller in minifigure scale, almost at least. The building features all the rooms seen in the TV show: the roller skate rink, the locker room, the cafeteria, and the dressing room.

The building consist of 12 48x48 plates and 2831 bricks in total (including the plates). Besides the building, I have re-created 27 characters from the show. They have (only few) each some unique accessories. The print of their body or head are what I could find while building in LEGO Digital Designer. Not the most perfect match - just like the colours of clothes and roller skates.

Following characters are added to the set. Accessories are listed next to each character. The characters are included from both Season 1 and Season 2

1. Luna (played by Karol "Sevilla" Cisneros) - Roller skates, helmet and a shirt (8 bricks in total) - When Luna's seen on roller skates she's often wearing a shirt around her.

2. Simón (played by Michael Ronda) - Roller skates, helmet, hat, and a guitar (9 bricks in total) - Simón is often seen wearing a hat instead of just showing his hair.

3. Nina (played by Carolina Kopelioff) - Roller skates, helmet and a book (8 bricks in total).

4. FelicityForNow (played by Nina Simonetti) - Nina disguised as Felicity... Or should I say NinaForNow? (5 bricks in total).

5. Matteo (played by Ruggero Pasquarelli) - roller skates and helmet (7 bricks in total)

6. Gastón (played by Augustín Bernasconi) - roller skates (6 bricks in total) - Probably missing a helmet

7. Ámbar (played by Valentina Zenere) - roller skates, helmet and a smartphone (8 bricks in total)

8. Delfina (played by Malena Ratner) - roller skates and helmet (7 bricks in total)

9. Jazmín (played by Katja Martínez) - roller skates and helmet (8 bicks in total) - A nice addition for Jazmín would be a 2x2/2x3 flat tile with a print of a tablet as she is seen using tablet for Fab & Chic.

10. Jimena (played by Ana Jara) - Roller skates and helmet (7 bricks in total)

11. Yamila (played by Chiara Parravicini) - roller skates and helmet (7 bricks in total)

12. Ramiro (played by Jorge López) - roller skates and helmet (7 bricks in total)

13. Nicolás (played by Lionel Ferro) - roller skates, bass and a key (8 bricks in total)

14. Pedro (played by Gastón Vietto) - roller skates and drum sticks (8 bricks in total)

15. Tamara (played by Luz Cipriota) - roller skates (6 bricks in total).

16. Mónica (played by Ana Carolina Valsagna) - (4 bricks in total)

17. Miguel (played by David Murí) - (4 bricks in total)

18. Tino (played by Diego Sassi Alcalá) - (4 bricks in total)

19. Cato (played by Germán Tripel) - (4 bricks in total)

20. Amanda (played by Antonella Querzoli) - Season 2 hair (6 bricks in total)

21. Sharon (played by Lucila Gandolfo) - (5 bricks in total) - A nice addition for Sharon would be a 2x2 flat tile with a print of Sol, Lili and Bernie Benson.

22. Rey (Rodrigo Pedreira) - (3 bricks in total) - Probably missing some hair.

23. Ricardo (played by Ezequiel Rodríguez) - game console (5 bricks in total)

24. Ana (played by Caro Ibarra) - (4 bricks in total)

25. Mora (played by Paula Kohan) - (4 bricks in total)

26. Alfredo (played by Roberto Carnaghi) - walking stick (5 bricks in total)

27. Juliana (played by Estela Ribeiro) - walking stick (5 bricks in total)


For the set I have some ideas when release. Something that could be better or should be added.


- On the black door there are when you come into the roller skate rink, there have been painted or sticked a coloured rectangle in the middle.

- In few episodes of the series, Nico is seen closing a black door between the bar and the wall before the stage. This wasn't possible for me to re-create

- Under the stage there's a plate that can be rolled out, probably. I haven't been able to re-create that function.


- There's an entry in the stage where you can go to the dressing room. There's a type of a curtain that hangs down instead of a normal door.

- The notes hanging on the wall in the room with the seats would probably be a sticker.

- Most of the things that either appear in the model are the wheels on the walls, other painted stuff, and different tree coloured walls (mostly because of the maximum of 3000 bricks)

- The front of the building have many details which is not seen on my model. In this case, my model is very different from the origin.

- Instead of minifigures I would personally want dolls like Disney Princess, Elves, and Friends. It would be more funnier with those, but I'm fine with minifigures too.

- Another cool character to add is Mariano (played by Tomás de la Heras) who joined 40 episodes in Season 1.


PLEASE REMEMBER this is just my model and not the final version.

Support now and you can hopefully soon be able to re-create the story of Luna's life. Please share this with your family and friends in hope of getting this real. Maybe this will be your only chance to get unique Soy Luna merchandise of your own choice.


PLEASE do not spoil anything after Season 2, Episode 30 (if you comment). Thank you so much in advance


Look out for coming updates as you can learn more about the set.

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