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Improved Working Pendulum Clock


I wanted to create a model of an utensil, used in real life, that can be also used in real life. So I came up with this idea. I think it would be very cool if you have a working clock out of lego. Of couse it has some holes in the back, so you can hang it on a wall!

This is my secound clock I built for Lego ideas. First, I actually only wanted to update my old one (shown HERE), but thanks to the comments and help from the community, I made this secound clock. It is much smaller and it has less parts then the old one, with 425 parts new, compared with over 2000 parts of the old one. This helps to reduce the weight of the clock, but also to reduce the price-factor.

This real working pendulum clock has a running time of about 48 hours and a special mechanism to rewind it. This is the wheel on the front. You just have to push it a half a centimeter inside the clock, then you can easily rewind it by turning the wheel.

To endure the long running time I decided to make only an hour hand, but also to make this clock not with an 12 hour rhythm, but with an 6 hour rhythm. This means: The pointer passes the top hour indicator four times a day. Therefore the time shown in the picture is either 2:30 8:30 14:30 or 20:30.

Please have a look at my previous clock:

But I still need your help! If you have any ideas how to improve this project (optically or mechanic), please do not hesitate sending them to me or write them in the comments.

I would be very thankful for your support and keep building!

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