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Geometry Dash Cube


6000+ supporters!

YOOOOOOO 6000/10.000!

Thank you all so much for the support!
Only 4000 more to go!



The project got redesigned with the following changes:
  • removed headphones
  • changed structure
  • Robtopgames 'R'
  • hatch with EZgappie button
  • 2 extra buttons (GD icons)
  • Secret level part (opens when EZgappie button is pressed)
  • twisting device with difficulty faces (Black rectangle box)
  • smaller figurines
  • foldable figurine display with crank driven caroussel
  • 4 new figurines:
  • Cube
  • Swing
  • Jetpack
  • EZgappie
Thank you all so much for the amazing support!


5000+ Supporters!

Let's GO! we're halfway there!

let's get this to 10.000 ;)


4000+ supporters!

4000+ Supporters!

We are almost halfway with the project, I am buisy finding new ways to advertise the project but with the help of the community, we can surely get this to 10.000 supporters!

Let's get to 5000! :D


2000+ supporters!

More than 2000 supporters!
The project reached over 2000 supporters, because of a popularity boost on Youtube!

I really hope we can get this to 10.000 supporters in time, :D


1000 supporters!

Thank you all so much for 1000 supporters!

Let's get to 5000 :D

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